SA budget: The key points


* The budget surplus to be $72 million in 2017/18, rising to $132m in 2018/19, $193m in 2019/20 and $462m in 2020/21.


* The state economy to grow by 2.25 per cent in 2017/18 and by the same amount across the forward estimates.

* Employment growth to be flat at one per cent across the forward estimates, below the national average.

* A $200 million future jobs fund to focus on creating jobs in the defence, renewable energy, mining, tourism, health and IT sectors. There are also payroll tax cuts for small businesses and incentives for companies to take on apprentices or trainees.

* The government will raise $370 million over four years with a levy on the major banks along with legislation to prevent them passing it on to customers.

* The government to spend $1 billion on hospitals including $528 million on a new women’s hospital and $250 million to upgrade the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

* The government has reaffirmed its $550 million energy plan to provide security of electricity supplies. Includes money for a new gas-fired power station and for a battery to store renewable energy.

* Two new schools to be built in Adelaide’s south and north to each cater for 1500 students.They will be built using funds from the private sector.

* A $48.8 million slug (over four years) on foreign buyers of residential properties who will have to pay a four per cent surcharge from January next year.

* The government has found $31 million for upgrades to the courts, including funds for an extra Supreme Court judge and an extra deputy coroner after calls for more resources from the judiciary.